Jo Frost

Revered global parenting expert & family advocate, bestselling author, and television personality, Jo Frost has been a staple on our screens and in our living rooms for over sixteen years.

Frost has Executive Produced and Starred in a variety of her own television shows including: Family MattersSOSExtreme Parental Guidance, Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour, and her most notable Supernanny which originally ran from 2004- 2011 and recently returned to the USA & UK in 2020 with Season 8.

Television became a successful medium for Frost to deliver her expertise to a mass audience, educating those who needed it most.  Jo always had a natural gift communicating with children on their level and for connecting with both parent and child organically. With over 30 years in the parental arena, beginning her career as a professional sole-charge British nanny, she has honed her life degree successfully with methods of child-rearing hands-on, real-life experience benefiting families worldwide. Continual repeats of past seasons of her different shows have truly become a global parental archive of ‘How to’ guidance for families seeking her help. 

Frost’s six books on parenting, including her most recent, educational award winning-Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules, have become the go-to manuals for parenting challenges. Jo’s direct yet empathetic style of teaching has helped millions of families around the world to achieve  tangible results.  As the most recognizable and trusted Parental Expert and Family Advocate worldwide, she has spent more than three decades executing professional and highly-effective tools.

Frost encourages and helps parents find results with different child-rearing challenges — from potty training and sibling rivalry to sleep challenges and behavioral tantrums. For the adults, she focuses on better communication techniques,  resolution with parenting styles, and more unity raising children together or as co-parents.

Jo continues to place practical solutions into homes. Whether the problems are big or small, her results with families have given her Global Recognition.

In addition to being awarded the RTS Royal Television Award and the International Rose Dior Award in the UK, Frost was also awarded the UK TV Guide’s People’s Choice Award as well as receiving an International Emmy Award nomination.

Jo Frost’s multiple television programs are aired throughout Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Additionally when not producing shows, Frost provides in person or via Zoom  Parental Seminars and parental hubs dispensing her 1-1 expertise for many corporate organizations. Saudi Arabia, England, Holland, Australia, USA and the UK are just several of the countries she has visited by request.

She is inundated daily with hundreds of personal requests and continues to help individuals and families within the community to face and overcome challenging family issues, which became a much needed calling especially through the pandemic of COVID19.

Jo Frost is a  Global ambassador for:

  • The United Nations Campaign Shot@Life (on the importance of global immunization)
  • Anaphylaxis Campaign UK/USA (Raising awareness and providing support for people with life-threatening allergies)

She continues to help educate and bring awareness around such charities that support the health, education and wellness of child and family.

Jo Frost on social media:

Twitter: @Jo_Frost

Facebook: Jo Frost Official

YouTube: Nanny Jo Productions

Instagram: jofrost

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