A Week’s Wardrobe At-a-Glance

Creating these felt clothes organizers will help you and your kids prepare outfits in advance for the week by labeling which outfit is for what day (that way you never forget a gym day, a picture day, or a dress up day again). This will also help cut down time in the morning for kids who tend to spend those extra precious few minutes picking out their outfits.

What you’ll need

  • Different-colored pieces of felt

  • Scissors


  • Designate a different colored piece of felt for each day of the week (we used 18- by 12-inch sheets of Eazy Felt), cut off the top corners, and label the day with cutout felt letters (you can also use puffy fabric paint).

  • Cut a 1-inch-diameter hole in the top center of the felt and a 2- by 2-inch X on each side of the felt near the bottom.

  • With your child, select the week’s clothes and dress a hanger with shirt, pants, or skirt for each day. Poke a pair of socks and underwear through the sign’s two X’s, then hang the sign over the clothes by hooking the hanger neck through the top hole.

(Image courtesy of Spoonful.com)


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